Lauren E. Rico
Lauren E. Rico

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​Hi there, I’m Lauren Rico—longtime radio host and short-time writer. Please feel free to have a look-see… you can check out all of my titles, including the funny, quirky Whiskey Sisters series romances (think Hallmark Channel!); the salty, spicy Reverie trilogy; and some musically-themed romances, including Counterpoint and Solo. My latest novel, Familia, is my first foray into Women’s Fiction, as well as my traditional publishing debut!

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There are some sharks out there that need to remain in perpetual motion in order to keep oxygenated water running across their gills at all times. That’s the way I am with writing. It’s a passion that came to me relatively late in life—really just as an exercise to stave off depression. Now I’m like those sharks—I have to keep writing to keep my soul oxygenated… and I’m so happy to share some of that newfound joy with you.

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May you have a happy life filled with lots and lots of great books!

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