New year. New website. New blog. New me.

That’s a whole lotta newness going on, right? Yeah, well, sometimes it just happens that way. I mean, 2017 was a very eventful year …  my first two traditionally-published novels, Solo and Blame it on the Bet were released and I finished my Reverie Trilogy on a very proud note with my self-pubbed Requiem.

My dear husband, Tom, survived “The Widow Maker” heart attack—making him the talk of the entire hospital. Then, just four months later, my longtime friend and long-ago love lost his life to a heart attack resulting from a tragic accident. The similarities are not lost on me. Nor is the realization that it could have so easily been the other way around. And, while I wish I could have my dear friend back, I’m so very grateful that my husband is still here with me.

And now, here we are in 2018—a flagship year to be sure—as I celebrate my fifth year of being cancer-free. If you, or someone you know has had cancer, then you know how big of a milestone the five-year mark is … both mentally and physically. So, in honor of this momentous anniversary, I’ve decided that this is the year that everything changes.

What does that mean, exactly?

I’ve taken back my body—stomping out the cancer and losing an astounding 75lbs—and counting!

I’ve taken back my confidence—reminding myself that I can do anything, have anything, be anything that I set my sights on … no matter what anyone else says is possible or doable or realistic. Screw realistic—I spit upon realistic! (Sorry … I get a little emotional over that one.)

Finally, I’ve taken back my dream—at last owning the fact that I want to write. That I love to write. That I’d rather write than anything else. For the first time ever I’m finally comfortable calling myself an author. And I intend to spend 2018 letting everyone else know that’s who I am, too.

This is just a small sample of the items on my 2018 To-Do list and each has its own story, which I’ll delve into in further blog posts. Which brings me back to where we are right now … this shiny new website with this shiny new incarnation of my blog. And, let me just say, it’s been a real effort to figure out what, exactly, this blog should be.

I’ve read books, attended seminars and lectures and webinars. I’ve read articles and quizzed fellow-writers, all in search of a theme—some common thread that will tie together the disparate pieces of my life and knit them into one cohesive blog that will attract readers while giving insight into my life and promote my passion.

Yeah, well, turns out, that’s a pretty tall order.

So, after much deliberation, here’s what I’ve decided … I’m going to write about whatever I feel like writing about. Because life is too short and I’m just too damn busy to spend hours trying to figure out what’s most likely to get you to read my posts. Hopefully, in the process, I’ll hit upon something that catches your eye …

If you’re someone who’s interested in what I’m like in “real life,” you’ll get a taste of that here—from my crazy-busy life as a classical music radio host/author to my struggles with depression and my journey through weight loss surgery.

If you’re a reader interested in my books, I’ll be talking about where my inspiration comes from and, particularly, how I depict music in words throughout my stories. You’ll likely also get a healthy dose of the ups and downs of a new author trying to navigate the world of hybrid publishing, marketing and writing.

If you’re a listener who enjoys my air work … well, there won’t be as much of that as everything else because, quite honestly, there are many, many bloggers who do classical—and much, much better than me. Still, I might find inspiration for a post on a particular piece or composer … or a behind-the-scenes looks at my “day job” as a classical music radio host.

All this is to say, I’m tossing over the “matchy-matchy” symmetry of a niche blog in favor of something spontaneous and messy. Just like real life. You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll roll your eyes and groan! But, most of all, I hope you’ll get a better idea of who I am … and who I strive to be.  Because, after all, I can do anything.

Just. Watch. Me.