Lauren E. Rico

After the Ocean

A Novel

About the Book

How do you find your way back when you’ve left yourself behind? Filled with emotion and intrigue, in this compelling novel a painful unsolved mystery from one woman’s past resurfaces years later—and sends her on a mission that will impact her family in ways they never could have expected . . .

Thirty years ago, young music students Emilia Oliveras and Paul Winstead wed on a sandy beach. Forty-eight hours later Paul mysteriously vanished from their honeymoon cruise ship, leaving a shocked and grieving Emilia ensnared in a web of accusations. Branded a gold-digging murderer by Paul’s wealthy, influential family and faced with the threat of imminent arrest, she did the only thing she could think to do.

Emilia Oliveras ran, leaving behind her dreams, her love, and her identity.

Now, three decades later, “Emily Oliver” is an amicably divorced music teacher and mother of two brilliant yet troubled daughters—Gracie, a talented attorney who excels in the courtroom but grapples with personal relationship disasters, and Meg, a gifted concert pianist, who wrestles with her ambition and purpose.

When a mysterious phone call raises a new clue in Paul’s disappearance, Emily knows it’s time for her to return to Puerto Rico and reclaim her past—for herself and for her daughters.

Shocked to find their mother isn’t the woman they thought she was, Gracie and Meg wonder how much of their lives have been a lie. Driven by concern for Emily and a shared determination to get to the truth, the sisters trail her to the Caribbean.

As the paths of the three women intertwine, they are compelled to confront their past, reevaluate their relationships, and seek forgiveness. Together they embark on a quest to unravel the mystery of Paul’s disappearance and redefine their futures on their own terms, navigating a maze of family ties, secrets, and redemption.

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The Details

Published: December 24, 2024
Publisher: Kensington
Formats: EbookPaperback

Genres & Tropes
Contemporary Women's Fiction, Suspense